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18th Solo Exhibition at World Art Dubai

I'm pleased to share my upcoming solo exhibition at World Art Dubai from 02 to 05 May 2024.

Looking forward to sharing the artistic journey with you!!

17th Solo Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Ananta Mandal solo exhibition Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

''Beyond Horizons" An Exhibition of Paintings by Ananta Mandal. Venue - Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai 4000 01​
From - 16th to 22nd January 2024. / 11am - 7pm all days

You are cordially invited. Looking forward to sharing this artistic journey with you!

16th Solo Exhibition - Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Ananta Mandal Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

“THE SOUL COLLECTION” An Exhibition of Paintings by Ananta Mandal

Venue - Jehangir Art Gallery (AC - 1), Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai 4000 01​
From - Tuesday 18 th; February 2020 / Till - Monday 24 th February 2020 / 11am - 7pm all days

THE SOUL COLLECTION narrates my art archive which continues with time as it amplifies with various subjects and moods.

Being an artist the journey has been dynamic yet embedded in the realities of circumstances which seems distinct in each frame enchanting the heart and soul. While experimenting the works with different colors and tone to showcase the subjects will transit from hustle and bustle of city life to the absolute beauty of whispering serenity, the human activities to different festive celebrations of time.

I always have a soft spot for predominant use of earthy colors rooted to homeland. To start from my Kolkata's college hostel studying surrounding area established identity in my paintings which enhances more from Mumbai's enriched life, popular destinations and gothic architectures.

My impressionistic approach of Ganapati immersion captures the glimpse and vibes of Mumbaikars at the city of skyscrapers. While traditional Durga festival, sindoor khela celebrates womanhood with blessings and affection. The Varanasi ghats impulse harmonious rhythm of life. The devine Ganga lined by the ghats gives pulse of its centuries-old-legacy of the city of lights. My passionate admiration for Horse, their masculine anatomy, speed, majestic looks and the eyes full of expression drive my inner force to transform into paintings.

The journey I gather from cultures, influential ambience and observation cross its boundaries over time to go miles and beyond.

Ananta Mandal

Jaipur Art Camp 'Urban Views' 2019
Ananta Mandal in Jaipur Art Camp, Rajasthan

It was an amazing experience being a part of the exquisite 'Urban Views' presented by The Heidelberg Cement - Gallery One Art Retreat at The Grand Uniara, A Heritage Hotel. We were 10 artists under the roof which seems to be fun and thrilling while creating art and revealing new concepts and ideas.

Specially when it comes to Jaipur the appetizing Rajasthani food, heritage architectures of Maharajas, incredible views of the romantic pink city and Royal tale conveyed by antiques and paintings of the palaces is an amazing treat to the mind and soul.

My heartiest thanks to Mr. Neeraj Ajmani, Mr Jamshed Naval Cooper Managing Director of Heidelberg Cement India Limited, Deepak and all our Artist friends for making this Art Camp one of the most beautiful and splendid experience.

15th Solo Exhibition of Paintings at Art and Soul, Mumbai
Ananta Mandal Solo Exhibition of Paintings at Art and Soul, Mumbai

Solo exhibition from 31 August to 15 September, 2018, Gallery Art & Soul, Mumbai

''Cities in Motion - Kolkata to Mumbai'' is an exhibition of Paintings by Ananta Mandal. In this show he portrays how his artistic journey manifested between these two cities. This is his 15th one man show.

Kolkata and Mumbai, being two different cities away from each other but they both hold one similarity among many, that is both has played a part in making Ananta an Artist today. If Kolkata was his first home Mumbai is definitely the second. 

For this show ha has also made a film framing the process of his concepts. His plain air paintings cover old taste of Kolkata and known places of Mumbai after which he develops artworks next in his studio. In all it conveys painting making from Outdoors to Indoor.

So this is how Ananta thought together with these two metropolis an wonderful exhibition can happen. You may also love and connect with the emotion of these two Cities in Motion from Kolkata to Mumbai.


Mumbai Cities - 14th Solo Exhibition of Paintings

In 2005, during my college days, I first visited Mumbai; the spell still continues and with time, Mumbai’s atmosphere, citylife absorbs me so much that I feel it, like my second home. From the year 2008,soon after receiving my bachelor degree from Kolkata, I have been in 

Mumbai's gothic architecture, night life, traditional festivals, its enriched lifestyle have always beckon my heart. The umpteen shades of Mumbai,drives me to capture them through my painting.In 2011, I had my 9th solo exhibition based on Mumbai life, but
that was not enough to fulfil my artistic thirst. After that capturing Mumbai's life in various moods has been my exploration and adventure through colors.

When I got the bookings for Jahangir Art Gallery my first & foremost choice of subject
was "Mumbai Visions".

Mumbai has a capacity to accommodate one and all from diverse backgrounds of
cast, creed color and culture. All diversities exist in an unexplained harmonious pattern, I have tried here with all three basic diversities of red, blue and yellow to flow
into a harmonious unification in my paintings. Though being apart in their nature, they are forming unity, very typical of Mumbai’s culture.

In this exhibition I have sought to manifest my explorations of  some of the most
popular places of Mumbai like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Bandra–Worli Sea Link, Gateway of India, Mumbai Suburban Railway, Mumbai Monorail, The iconic black and yellow Premier Padmini Taxis on busy roads, Mumbai city skyline, Mumbaiharbor etc...

Ananta Mandal
Mumbai, India

13th Exhibition of Paintings and Video Installation


13th Solo Exhibition of Paintings and Video Installation

In 2012, I visited Rajasthan for all its glory. The cutting edge golden light dazzled me; the colors lured me; the sandy dunes with its curves and patterns entangled with my creative self; the versatile characters of the locales and the indispensible camel enthralled me; the architectural vivacity with unique color regional identity left me spellbound and its rich folk music mesmerizing me.

When I entered, I was a visitor, when I moved around; Rajasthan aroused the artist within me inviting to visit again and again.

Here started my journey to explore the uncanny side of Rajasthan. Rajasthan has kept alive its roots; its colorful traditions; it’s glorious past still gleaming on the faces of sharp featured people with the innocence so rare of now; the color clad women veiled in with the shyness, worn as the grace of womanhood; the children with sparkling curiosity in traditional attire ready to embrace the future. Rajasthan is the unique state filled with color, culture and history.

This exhibition encases the fusion of real and surreal, expressed in a confluence of visual and performing expressions.

at Nehru Centre Art Gallery (ac), Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai - 400018.  

Exhibition will remain open from - 26 January - 1 February 2016. 11am - 7pm. all days.

Awaiting your presence at the show.

12th Solo Exhibition Multifarious Impressions 2

It's my pleasure to cordially invite you for my 12th Solo Painting Exhibition Multifarious Impressions 2 at Lokayata Art Gallery, Hauz Khas Village, Mulk Raj Anand Center, New Delhi - 110016. Exhibition will remain open from 5th Dec. to 15th Dec. 2014. at 11am to 7pm daily. Awaiting your presence at the show.

International art residency and exhibition 2014, UAE

This is indeed very exciting for me to join the event ‘Art for a case’ organized jointly by TellusArt and Abu Dhabi Art Hub. I appreciate the fact that this event provides an international platform for artists to live, create art, meet and work with the many artists from different countries around the world. It has been an enriching experience for me and for my artwork as well. TellusArt is really doing a great job for providing such a platform where artists can share their thoughts and experience, as well as exchange cultures. This joint venture between TellusArt and Abu Dhabi Art hub has been a wonderful experience.